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Learn more about Norway’s network, phone compatibility and international calls

Mobile phones and networks

Mobile phone coverage is universal in urban areas and generally good in rural Norway. With GSM, 4G and 5G, you’re likely to be well-connected anywhere you go. Some rural valleys might have poor coverage in spots.

There are 2 main networks: Telenor and Telia. Their speed and coverage are considerable around the country.

European phone service

Most European mobile phones work in Norway. Simply put yourself on roaming and you can use your home data at no extra cost.

North American phone service

Certain North American phone providers might cover you during your stay in Norway. Check with your local provider to see if this is available and for rates.

Prepaid SIM cards

Wish to use your mobile phone for local calls or data during your Norwegian getaway? You can purchase a prepaid SIM card when you arrive.

The best way is to buy them is in grocery or convenience stores, located around the country. You can also find them at international airports, like Oslo Gardermoen, upon your arrival

Making domestic calls

Phone numbers in Norway are eight digits and no area codes are necessary.

Making international calls

The international country code for Norway is +47. If you wish to place an international call, you can dial directly using the access code 00, then the country code plus the phone number.

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