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The traditional Norwegian diet is typical of Scandinavian cuisine, with common foods including breads, dairy products, potatoes, porridges, creamy soups, salted or smoked meats and fresh, salted or smoked fish. Of course, specialities vary widely by region, and a variety of international cuisines and typical western fast food can be found in the major cities.

With its long, rugged coastline, Norway is especially known for its seafood. Smoked salmon is a popular delicacy here (as well as a major export) and is often served with scrambled eggs, sandwiches, dill or mustard sauce. Other common seafood dishes include cod, herring (often pickled), mackerel, crab and prawns. As for meats, lamb is a staple menu item and game like reindeer and elk are common in the gastronomy of the far northern Finnmark region.

Norwegian specialities

  • Lefse: flatbread made of potatoes and milk
  • Brunost: semi-hard goat cheese (geitost/gjetost) with a nutty brown colour and somewhat caramel-like taste
  • Lukket valnøtt: whipped cream cake covered with marzipan, a traditional dessert
  • Fårikål: traditional stew of lamb meat and cabbage, usually served with potatoes
  • Tørrfisk: dried codfish
  • Grovbrød: course, whole-grain bread, commonly eaten at breakfast or lunch with butter and cheese
  • Tyttebærsyltetøy: lingonberry jam (similar to cranberries), often served with game meats
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