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Health & safety

How to find pharmacies, medical help and emergency assistance.

Emergency Services:
112 - Police
110 - Fire
113 - Ambulance
911 - Police (only from mobile phones)
1412- Emergency for deaf

Urgent care

(For minor, non-life threatening injuries and illnesses)
Norway has a very high standard of healthcare and there are medical clinics and general practitioners throughout the country for regular doctor appointments or non-emergency treatments.

In Oslo, there is the Norsk Legesenter (Norwegian Medical Center) at Pilestredet Park 7 (tel: 22 98 05 00) or the Volvat Medisinske Senter at Borgenveien 2A (tel: 22 95 75 00).

In Bergen, there is the Volvat Medisinske Senter-Bergen at Laguneveien 9 (tel: 55 11 20 00).
You can also ask the front desk staff at your hotel to recommend doctors in the area.

Emergency room

(For life threatening injuries or illnesses)
In Oslo, the Legevakt (emergency room) is located at Storgaten 40 (tel: 22 93 22 93). It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Bergen Legevakt is located at Vestre Stromskaein 19 (tel: 55 56 87 60). It is also open 24/7.
Call 113 for an ambulance.


(For emergency treatment)
Oslo: Tannlegen på Akerbrygge,
Stranden 81
0250 Oslo
Tel: +47-22 83 82 00

Bergen: Tannlege Kjell (Dr. Erik S. Nilsen)
Markveien 4c, 6th floor
5012 Bergen
Tel: +47 55 90 12 14
Mobile: +47 92 23 48 68


These are called apotek in Norway. Most are open Monday - Saturday 09:00/10:00 – 17:00/18:00 and closed on Sundays.

Health insurance

We urge all customers to purchase comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance is not available through Nordic Visitor. Scandinavian citizens must show their passport in the event of a medical emergency while citizens of EEA countries must have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or else the patient will be charged in full.

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