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Trapper's Station

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Basecamp Trapper’s Station is situated about 10 km from the edge of Longyearbyen in Bolterdalen. Here you can experience how seal and reindeer trappers lived in the wilderness long ago. Buildings at the Trapper’s Station are replicas of old trappers’ stations in Svalbard, so you can browse the many pictures, books, artefacts and hunting equipment—some of which are still used in some parts of the archipelago. Keeping with the theme, the Trapper’s Station also houses 90 Alaskan huskies trained for mushing. The peaceful and relaxed atmosphere at Trapper’s Station allows you to escape every day stresses and enjoy the small things in life.

Dinners at Trapper’s Station are developed to help convey the history behind the hunters’ lives and cuisine. While enjoying the arctic food, you can learn about the history of Svalbard and lives of the trappers around the archipelago.

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