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Visit Norway’s steepest road, and one of the steepest in all of northern Europe.

Norway has a reputation for dramatic winding mountain roads, but one in particular outshines the rest! The Stalheimskleiva road north of Voss is not only Norway’s steepest road, but one of the steepest in all of northern Europe.

This road twists and turns around 13 hairpin bends as it ascends 1.75 km (1.1 mi) from the Nærøy Valley to the village of Stalheim, with inclines as much as 20%. 

There are some spectacular sights on both sides, including the Stalheim and Sivle waterfalls. The Stalheim Hotel, located at the top, also offers a great view over the road and valley.

For safety reasons, this road is now closed to traffic until further notice.

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